Saturday, February 16, 2019


Every day is a new day, with different activities and different styles of clothing. Helen Harper has created a wide variety of pantyliners to meet every woman’s needs, every day of the month.

Classic fluff liner     Fluff liner anatomical deo 
 Fluff absorbent
 Delicate flower     scent
 Soft cover

 Fluff absorbent     core
 Anatomical shape
 Delicate flower
 Soft cover

 Anatomical single   Premium pantyliner anatomical aloe 

Ultra thin liner
 Anatomcial shape
    wrapped. Easy to
    take out with you.

    pantyliner with
    super absorbent
Extra soft cover
 Aloe extract for
    extra skin care
 Anatomical shape

String   Delicately thin  

 Special shape to
    fit string or tanga
 Extra slim pantyliner 
 Protection for each type of underwear
Multiform   Soft Dry Deo    
 Special shape to 
    fit string or tanga 
 Premium pantyliner with super absorbent core.
 Cover that is both soft and provides with comfortable dry feeling
 Colored soft sides
 Anatomical shape